Educational Screenings

Wild Nights with Emily is available for educational screenings and is appropriate for students from grades 7 through post-graduate. The film is a humorous and vivid introduction to the life of Emily Dickinson, told in her own words through her letters and poems, used through a special arrangement with Harvard University Press.

The film was presented by The Emily Dickinson Museum for Amherst College Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 2019. The film also has screened at Harvard College, Brown University, Yale University, Bryn Mawr College, The Folger Shakespeare Library in DC/ Emily Dickinson Birthday Celebration, and at The Society for the Study of American Women Writers. It was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in support of its historical research.

A packet on the history behind the film is available for classes.

"A powerful film that so eloquently disrupts the traditional narrative of one of the best American poets of all time. Your movie made me re-think, re-consider, and re-evaluate the way that I have read, analyzed and taught Emily's work in my eleven years of being an English teacher. I will never read her poetry the same way again, and I think the film should be mandatory viewing for any teacher, student, reader or lover of poetry.

The students in attendance were drawn to so many aspects of the film. In particular, they were very troubled by the way that Emily's poetry was treated by publishers...They also loved the haunting sequence of poetic dialogue between Emily and the fallen black soldier -- truth / beauty. I had several students tell me that they want their parents to see the film, and they can't wait to read more of Emily's poetry."

-- Josh Adler (Educator); screened for grades 6-9; Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, LA

“See this film! It’s Emily at last! How long has this genius been shut up within a hardened shell of created story and myth? “Wild Nights With Emily” takes an axe to that myth, and the warm living woman steps abounding”
-- Marie Howe, Poet and Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets

"Wild Nights With Emily is a wonderful film to show in schools, for students young and old! I loved this film-- it's essential viewing for all students of literature."
-- Natalie Goldberg, world renowned writing teacher, author of “Writing Down The Bones”